Air Duct Cleaning Long Island

The average home on Long Island collects over forty pounds of dust each year. Because the air duct is one of the most neglected spots in the home in terms of cleaning, it is no surprise that a great portion of that dust resides there.

Besides dust air ducts frequently contain mold, mildew and other
pollutants. Many Indoor allergy symptoms are due to the contaminants in your air ducts. Global Mold Solutions is Long Island’s top choice for quality air
duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning on Long Island is crucial, both in terms of our health and energy efficiency. In fact, it is recommended that air ducts be inspected by a professional Long Island air quality control company at least every two years for safety and to reduce your energy bill. Because of Long Island’s propensity for flooding and other weather-related catastrophes, as well as the changing seasons, it is important to also have air ducts regularly cleaned.  Other factors to consider when determining how often a home’s HVAC system must be cleaned are whether the home contains those who are allergy sensitive, smokers or pets; whether there has been water contamination or recent remodels; or if the home recently had other occupants.

Global Mold Solutions’ highly trained, skilled and certified air duct cleaners on Long Island follow the highest of standards as required by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.  Our methods and equipment are safe and effective; we clean air ducts with HEPA vacuums that prevent the spread of contaminants while removing airborne mold, bacteria and dust to leave the air ducts clean.  

This process removes pollutants from your air ducts without contaminating your home. If you require an air duct inspection or
cleaning, contact Long Island’s top air duct cleaning company, Global Mold