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Global Mold Solutions is your local New York State Certified Fire Damage Restoration Company; we offer expert fire damage restoration services on Long Island and the surrounding areas.  

What We Do

Global Mold Solutions provides fire damage and smoke damage services to help you recover from a fire in your building or home.  Our skilled and certified IICRC technicians are capable, and trained, to handle any fire damage job – big or small – and are talented enough to restore your home or building to its pre-fire condition.  Our products and services are EPA approved and insured.

It is crucial to hire a fire damage restoration company that has established and good working relationships with all major insurance companies, as we do, to ensure an effective and efficient restoration of your fire damaged property.  Global Mold Solutions prides itself on using the proper equipment to save your valuable items and provide you with an odor free environment.  Our goal is to provide you with the best fire damage services and rebuild your home to your standards.

Our Vision

Global Mold Solutions has set out to be Long Island’s leading brand in the mold removal industry, providing consistently high-quality and efficient techniques to safeguard your home from mold growth and to efficiently remediate any mold problem that does arise.

Our Mission

Global Mold Solutions’ mission is to provide honest and high-integrity services and treatment to each customer.  We treat every customer as though he or she is a member of our family to guarantee that the job is not only done, but is done right.

Our Passion

At Global Mold Solutions, we find it a privilege to wake up every day and help people; it is why we get out of bed in the morning.  While we are in business to make money (of course), our main focus is ensuring the safety of our customers and their families.

Understanding the Restoration Process

Your safety is first.  While we understand your belongings are important and valuable to you, Global Mold Solutions suggests that you not check the damage in your home until the safety is guaranteed by a legally licensed inspector.  An insurance adjuster will determine if it is safe for you to stay in your home.

The timeline for cleanup from fire damage varies depending on the severity of your individual situation.  Global Mold Solutions will be upfront with you about a realistic timeline to complete the project after a full assessment of the situation.

Items that are safe to be removed from the home will be stored in a storage facility until our restoration process is complete.  Any damaged items will be disposed of properly; and we will work with insurance adjusters to provide a quality replacement of those items.