A common hiding place for mold within a home is the attic. While the focus is often placed on basements and bathrooms, attic mold develops for many different reasons and can be quite problematic if ignored. The Long Island mold remediation professionals at Global Mold Solutions can remediate attic mold for a safer, more breathable living space.

So, why does mold grow in attics? There are many causes of mold growth in an attic space; the cause of which will be extremely important in any mold removal solution. The most common causes for attic mold are leaks from the roof or windows; poor ventilation from bathrooms, the kitchen, or the laundry room; or inadequate amount or installation of insulation.

The causes of mold growth in the attic may be different than in a basement or bathroom, but the reason for the growth is the same. Where there is water, or warm, moist air, mold will eventually grow if the problem is not resolved. And as many homeowners do not spend a tremendous amount of time in their attics, they often do not realize there is a problem until the mold has begun to grow or spread.

The first step in Long Island mold remediation is removing the moisture problem; even if the visible mold is eradicated, the problem is not remediated until the moisture problem is resolved.  Otherwise, the mold will return.

Mold remediation is especially difficult for a homeowner to accomplish on his or her own due to space limitations and temperature extremes. Because of this attic mold is best left to a Long Island mold remediation company.

At Global Mold Solutions, we will remedy the source of the water or moisture before we begin our mold remediation process. All items will be removed from the attic and inspected for mold. Any boxes or other disposable items will be discarded or professionally cleaned.

We will then seal off the area that requires remediation. Our cleaning process includes disinfecting any moldy area, running dehumidifiers, and thorough drying of the space to deter the return of mold. If required, we will spray an environmentally friendly, safe, and effective mold-inhibiting solution into the attic to prevent mold development.

Before you attempt to tackle attic mold on your own, talk to the professionals at Global Mold Solutions. We provide effective and efficient mold remediation services on Long Island that leave our customers satisfied and safe.