Mold is unsightly, a threat to the home and a potential risk for you and your family. It is true that mold is present nearly everywhere, both inside and outside. Mold spores thrive on moisture, which makes them an ever-present threat to seasonal, ocean-front Long Island.

Spores are microscopic and often enter the home due to no fault, negligence or disregard by a homeowner. They enter through air conditioning units, windows, doors, vents and even a person’s hair, clothing or shoes. While single mold spores likely will not pose a threat to a family or a home, when introduced to moisture, they multiply into colonies.

Once mold has colonized and spread, it is highly likely that a homeowner would need the assistance of a professional mold removal company in Suffolk County, New York. Typically, before mold remediation can begin, it is necessary to remedy any sources of water causing the mold growth – whether leaks, humidity, floods or standing water. Without first addressing the water source, it is highly likely that mold will continue to grow.

Global Mold Solutions can handle the entirety of the mold remediation job; we are the top certified mold removal experts in Suffolk County.  From damage assessment to mold remediation, to water damage cures, our professionals have top of the line equipment and expert techniques to get the job done effectively.

Our process is streamlined and simple, aimed to provide high-quality services that will leave a home beautiful and its air clean and safe to breathe.  First, we access the water situation; this involves learning where the moisture comes from and how it is ending up in the home. Once a moisture source is located, it can be remedied.

Next, we create a remediation plan.  Our plan is all-inclusive, with a detailed explanation of the work and the timeframe for completion.  Other than the obvious goal of mold remediation, this documentation often helps with damage claims made to homeowners’ insurance companies.

Our professional Suffolk County mold removal experts will then calculate the extent of the contamination and damage.  Often times, mold grows in various parts of a home. This assessment will lead to a customization of the remediation plan, focused on the specific areas on clean up.

Once we have an understanding of the extent of the work, we will remediate the mold contamination.  We clean up the existing mold, as well as dry the area with technologically advanced equipment to prevent future mold growth.  Our remediation includes the following:

  • Isolation of the contaminated area.
  • Repairing the water source.
  • Eliminating as much dust as possible.
  • Removal all wet, damaged and molded materials, furniture or products.
  • Clean the contaminated area.
  • Dry the area.
  • Replace or repair all damage.

Lastly, we will re-access the area to ensure that all moisture and mold is gone.  It is our goal to always restore a home to its pre-mold state, to the extent possible and guarantee that the homeowners are happy and healthy with the mold remediation job.  If you are in need of mold removal in Suffolk County, contact us today.