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Odor removal and odor control is one of the more difficult restoration processes to remedy, as odor is not visible and the source is therefore not as easily identifiable. Indoor odors may arise for a multitude of reasons (such as mold, fire damage and more), and there are countless different odors that may be present in your home or office. Global Mold Solutions is a premier odor removal and control company on Long Island, with proven solutions to rid your home or business of unpleasant or harmful odors. Our certified odor control technicians are equipped to expediently and professionally remove foul and unwanted odors from your home or office; we follow all required protocols and use state of the art technology to permanently remove odors.

Our process is simple; we are available 24/7 to handle your odor removal and control needs on Long Island. After we assess the extent of your odor problem and locate its source, we consult you to plan a remedial course of action. Our technology is then set up to capture the contaminated air and control the smell. We will vacuum and deodorize the entire affected area. Our process is quick and simple, but it will permanently remove the odor so that you may breathe healthy and rest easy. If you have a Long Island odor control problem, contact Global Mold Solutions today.