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Mold Removal

Global Mold Solutions provides expert mold and mildew remediation services on Long Island, at competitive costs.  Our professionals understand that time is sensitive for mold and mildew removal and offer quick response services to prevent your minor mold problem from becoming a disaster. Read More

Fire Damage

Global Mold Solutions picks up where the heroes of the fire department leave off when a fire, and the resulting water damage, devastates your property.  Our professionals have specialized training in restoration of fire damage to make your home as good as new.  Read More

Water Damage

Global Mold Solutions provides the immediate response services required when you are dealing with water damage.  Our use of advanced technology and state-of-the-art techniques will remove water from places it does not belong. Our professionals monitor the process for you. Read More

If mold is your problem,

Global Mold Solutions is the answer.

About Mold Removal Services long Island

Global Mold Solutions, LLC, is Long Island’s full-service mold remediation company for all of your environmental needs, both simple and complex.  It is the mission of GMS, and its certified staff, to solve your mold problems effectively and efficiently.

At GMS, we know that water damage and the resulting mold is a major concern surrounding real estate, both for homeowners, potential homeowners and landlords.  We strive to save you time, money and your health by solving your mold problems, thereby avoiding mold-related health problems, costly litigation and/or lost revenue.


We do not just “treat” your mold problem; we physically remove it.  We use EPA-approved anti-microbial products that are both effective in removing mold from your home and environmentally friendly.  All of our techniques, technologies and efforts comply with the IICRC S520 Guideline for Professional Mold Remediation and the EPA’s Mold Removal for Schools and Commercial Buildings Guidelines.

First and foremost, avoid moisture intrusion, and when it does happen, remedy the water situation as quick as you can.  Damp areas should be treated within 24-48 hours to avoid the growth of mold.  Preventative maintenance is crucial.  Perform yearly property inspections on your roof, plumbing systems, drainage and ventilation.  Always monitor areas that commonly accumulate water – under sinks, showers, basements – and call Global Mold Solutions immediately if there is a problem.

Of course, water.  But another major culprit is neglected maintenance on older homes.  Home with older plumbing systems, roofing and window disrepair are prime breeding grounds for mold.  While it is easy to neglect due to the high cost at maintaining and/or repairing these issues, it will save you both money and health in the long run.